Sycamore Avenue Trunk Sewer Replacement Project

The Work consists of installation of approximately 4,124 LF of 30-inch FPVC or HDPE pipe, 991 LF of 12-inch FPVC or HDPE pipe, 991 LF of 24-inch pipe, cured-in-place pipe lining, a 299 LF pilot tube guided auger bore or pipe ramming crossing of the railroad, 23 manholes, 3 vaults, abandonment or removal of 5,400 LF of existing 24-inch asbestos cement pipe and manholes, replacement of existing sewer laterals; replacement of 350 LF of existing 8-inch PVC sewer main, 105 LF of sliplining, 265 LF of 15 and 18-inch RCP storm drain; catch basins; bypass pumping, pavement replacement, environmental surveys, and effluent pumping station demolition.
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